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let me be totally serious and upfront with you: the future of our world and us adults depends on YOU! Did you realize that you had so much power? This book contains information that will help you, to help us. Yes, YOU have the ability to help us, if you're up for the challenge. We adults desperately need your help. Your mission is simple. Carefully read through this book and decide which four principles you are going to teach the parents/guardians and other adults in your life. The choice is completely up to you. Once you've decided, go for it! Ready? Have a look inside...

then most likely, you have at least one parent or parental figure in your life. Your mission is also simple. First, read through this book and decide which principles are new to you. Then, choose at least eight principles that you feel you can teach to any parent, guardian, or adult in your life. You will find that the information contained in this book will help to transform your life and the lives of those you love: young child up to adult.  Take a look inside...

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